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is there any way i can transfer files on to my other pc? Answered

is there any way i can transfer files on to my other pc with out using the net or floppys or cds or swaping hard drives


1. You can connect computer to computer if both have ethernet ports and you have a crossover cable. 2. You could use any one of the memory cards like sd etc. and an adapter. 3. You can download it all to "some" digital cameras and upload it to the other computer. 4. You could use a thumb drive and go from computer to computer. 5. Install ir communication ports on both computers if they are in the same area. 6. You can hook both of them to a router (doesn't have to be on the net) and share the info that way. 7. If one of the computers is Vista then you can connect them thru the usb ports. 8. You used to be able to connect and share data thru serial ports. I don't know about now. 9. A pair of modem cards connected thru phone lines used to be a great way of transferring data. 10. And last and certainly least you can print it out on one computer walk it over to the other computer and retype it all back into the other computer.

Yes, #8 is possible (if Microsoft didn't nix it). You probably need a special crossover cable. A build on # 10: OR you could scan the print into the other computer using a scanner with OCR (Optical Character Recognition, I think) software. Also, how do you do #9? I'm just curious?

Two phone lines, two modens, one calls the other computer and the other one answers. I've forgotten what software you need to actually be able to connect to each other that way. One would act as a bbs.

I have a feeling you could do this over a cellphone...


8 years ago

Do they both have USB ports? Use an 8GB or 16GB USB flash drive.

Remove the hard drive and install as a second drive in the other PC. transfert he files from drive to drive. You will find all the cables etc you need inside the PC.

Unless the hard drives have different interfaces (like IDE vs. SATA) you can do this very easily. Take the hard drive with the information you want to copy out of the computer, then look at the back where the cables go in. You should see a jumper with pins labeled Master, Slave, and Cable Select (read the diagram on the label, this setting varies between manufacturers). Set this jumper to Slave. Then, in the computer you want to copy to, open the case and look at the jumpers on the installed hard drive; set this one to Master. The IDE cable on this hard drive should have a spare connector. Plug this into the other hard drive, give it power by finding a spare molex connector, and boot the computer. When Windows boots, the new hard drive should show up in My Computer. Simply copy and past the files from there. When finished, remove the hard drive (remember to set the jumper back to Master) and reinstall it into the first computer.

And it doesn't matter if they have different versions of Windows. Whichever hard drive is set to Master will be the one used to boot the computer.

Do they both have Bluetooth?

Floppies? Wait, how old is said computer? And what kind is it?

i have 2 of mine and then the family pc the family pc is xp and mine are 98 and mulluem i have cd drives floppy drives and 1 zip drize but its the only zip we have the 98 is sratch and the orther is a gateway but in the end the files are to big for floppies


8 years ago

I recommended usb data transfers.

Yes. It's called a direct cable connection. Not sure if it can still be done under vista or windows 7, but XP and previous versions allow the use of a special "null-modem cable" to provide the data path.

Check it out in the Windows help file (assuming you have a PC since you refer to it as "PC", which ime is rare among Mac users)