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is there any way to make a computer screen into an s video or a composite yellow screen without opening the it up? Answered

I have a monitor to S-video / composite yellow adaptor (picture) and since it can use a Tv as a screen then cant it make a monitor into a "tv screen"? I think that by stripping the wire that connects the monitor and the computer tower and somehow adding 2 leads that go to a composite yellow connector (yellow adaptor in picture) then i should be able to use it as a screen. WILL THIS WORK?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I don't think this work the same in both directions. E.g., you can convert a ham cheese & pickle sandwich to a cheese sandwich fairly easily by discarding bits of it, but if all you're starting with is a cheese sandwich the reverse isn't so easy.
But you can buy boxes, e.g.:


also remember that vga is directly compatible with component video - both are analog yPbPr signals, and the right adapter cable will have you running in no time. The additional pins in the 15 pin connector are for serial data (for configuration), and a few unused wires.

Can you advise which two pins to connect? (Thanks for the enlightenment, again) L

So you could use component R, G, B, GND, and the two Syncs - but what about the other pins the monitor normally uses - will it work without? The cable (note complaints) seems to be working the other way around. L

Seems to correct myself - it outputs ttl level rgb, not 'component video' - so it works with systems that expect rgb (different from ypbpr)

If your doing what I think your doing, you might want to get a 'gender-bender' (an adapter that changes the gender of a cable from male to female or vice versa) and another one of those adapters and heat-shrink it together.

No, You will need to buy a converter box as mentioned by lemonie.