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is there any way to make your own 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply? Answered

i don't have a 5vdc~ 25 Amp power supply unit. I need one for my Linksys router. Just asking if it was possible to build your own. Besides i get to learn about volt, Amps and watt , that's supposing i don't fry my self by electrocution.
Can any one help my, no...! Not to electrocute my self. to make  or build my own 5vdc~ 25Amp power supply.
Your expertise will be of knowledge well past on. TNX



5 years ago

It is possible to DIY.

But sorry, not for you !

A Linksys router would NEVER use 25 Amps
maybe 2.5 Amps or more likely 250 milliamps.



5 years ago

do you mean 2.5 amps?

I assume you want to go from mains power to 5VDC correct?

If you don't already know about volts, amps and watts then this is not going to be a good starting project for you. Messing with AC power and dealing with high amps like that with little to know experience will not end well. Start learning the basics of ohms law first. Then move up to a more basic project like making an LED light.

Trying to build a power supply is very complex. Especially one that needs to offer more then an amp or 2. If you need a wall wart for your router then find a used one somewhere.