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is there anything duct tape won't stick to? Answered

i'm planning to make a satchel bag out of duct tape and i've pretty much figured out the mechanics on how to make it. however, for my initial plan to work out, i'm gonna need a sheet of SOMETHING that duct tape doesn't stick to, or at least, doesn't stick to as well. i'm planning to lay on the strips of duct tape on THAT and then move on from there.

so, any ideas? wax paper (like the yellow stuff used as backing for stickers)? paper rubbed with oil? a certain type of cloth? WET cloth (haha)? a certain type of plastic? 

thanks in advance!


d'you reckon that a sheet of damp cloth might be a good workspace? and does water affect the strength of the adhesive?

I don't know that much about making stuff with duct tape (but I do think the idea is awesome), that's why I gave you the link. If you google duct tape you will find a lot of cool stuff.

Without knowing what exactly you are trying to do, I can't give you any more ideas. If I was making something from tape that wasn't sticky on the inside, I would just fold it back on itself and stick both sticky surfaces together to make a double thickness.

The other approach would be something that duct tape sticks to but can easily be peeled off. Any hard surface that you don't mind getting adhesive on would probably work for that...

I know people that use fabric cutting board thingies, those seem to work pretty well.

Instead of water... try ice.

HAHA GOOD ONE! i need it to cover a big workspace though, as i'm working with sheets... but if i had enough resources / time / BLIND enthusiasm to give that ice thing a shot, i'd definitely give it a go for the lulz. :))

You could try spraying a melamine worktop with WD40 that should do the trick, or if you don't want an oill mess you could try talcum powder & have a dusty mess instead.

are there any cheaper alternatives to the melamine worktop, or does it have to be melamine specifically? i have a stupid idea: do you think spraying some paper with the lubricant will yield some awesome anti-duct-tape sticker paper? HAHAHA sorry i'm really stupid with stuff like these -__-

i'm thinking about the talcum powder too, but will it affect the strength of the adhesive very much? i still kinda need the duct tape to be sticky after i peel it off the anti-duct-tape surface...

thanks for the tip though!