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is there anything i can make from scraps that i can use to boost my DSL signal? Answered

i was just wondering if there's any way i can make a DSL signal booster out of cumputer parts or something because there are times when i lose the connection to my DSL hub and it's in the room next to me. anybody got any ideas?


If you're talking about the WiFi connection between a device and the DSL hub:
Reposition your antennae for better reception.
Make a signal booster out of Asian cookware.
Since the hub is in the room right next to you anyway, use a cable to connect to it.

If the hub itself is losing the DSL signal:
Power-cycle the hub a couple of times.
Call your DSL provider.

Are you talking about the DSL (no) or some other wireless device connected to it (and what is that)?


I don't think that's the question you wanted to ask. You want to boost the WiFi signal between your PC and your DSL hub, not the DSL signal, right?

If so, and at least one of the PC and the hub has an external antenna, look for instructables that alter the antenna. Technically that's against FCC regulations, but enforcement is generally "If anyone complains, you have to rectify the problem, probably by undoing it."