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is there anything special that should be done to seeds/beans (from my own plants) before planting them? Answered

i plan to plant a bunch of different veggie plants in my backyard and have been shopping for cheap organic seeds. i have a bunch of them and have started growing them in an indoor greenhouse, but for later as i replant i was wondering if i need to do anything with the beans or other seeds before just putting them into the pots.


For beans, squash, and any other big seed it helps to soak them for about 10-15 minutes before planting them, they will come up a few days earlier.

No, your plants should be fine. Be sure not to wait too long, though, as in a miniature greenhouse there is not much room for the roots of multiple plants to grow without becoming intertwined with one another. This is bad for the little guys. When you transplant them, look at the roots. If there is mold growing on them, you waited too long. They might still make it, but be sure to coddle them for a bit and take note of how long it "too long" for future reference.


9 years ago