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is this safe? Answered

I'm working on a nerf-laser-lite mod. Is it safe to take apart the laser lite I got at the dollar store? I'm 11 so my mom won't let me until I find out. Any ideas??


Easy answer is to take it apart when your mum isn't looking...and for gods sake don't look directly into the laser beam. If you intentionally shine a laser beam in your eyes then it's my opinion you deserve the blindness you eventually get.

dont see directly the laser chip when it works (with or without the focussing lens it may still be harmfull) if you want to see if it works then light it at a rough surface (that is not clearly reflective) like wall and see if the surface is lit. without the lens (its in the pointer) the laser light is not focussed and quite dim so light it from very close to the surface in a semi darkened room in most cheap lasers the chip is open in the air. it has a thin wire that goes to it from above. dont touch it to not tear it away or damage the chip (its not dangerous to you though). be carefull to not damage it when disassembling the laser you can unscrew the lens in some lasers. remove the round cap and try to turn the flat part with hole the laser comes through. it may still be better to pull it from the battery spring instead cause the chip is on this side and can be damaged

The LASER should be low-powered enough not to pose a serious risk. Like Nacho take reasonable precautions that there is no possibility of this hitting you in the eye. I.e. don't allow the thing to be powered-up while it's in pieces.
Tell your Mom that you sought the advice of some old-dudes on the internet so now you know what you're doing....


. It's not dangerous to take apart as long as you don't shine the laser in your eyes. The batteries do not have enough power to even feel, much less do any harm. The laser itself is just an LED.


9 years ago

Nice, a creative little dude im 13 tough, i hate it when my mom doesnt let me make stuff.. .... about your question, i really dont know, try google perhaps?