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issue installing ch341 usb-serial driver for Arduino nano cheap clones Answered

There are very cheap Arduino nano chinese clones there. The PROBLEM, they use CH341 chips not the Arduino standard FDDI ones and you need to install a driver:

1. no issue should be simple IF the manufacturer of the chips www.wch.cn  would provide a driver, they did 

2. and they would provide instructions (they did)

3. in Chinese

But, we are geeks: one would execute  ch341ser.exe and expect the driver setup will do the job. It copies some ch341***.*** files in ***/system32/drivers and displays proudly "The drive is successfully Pre-installed in advance!". The device manager keeps silent.

I like this "preinstalled" and "in advance" part though. By whom, the Venusians?

4. Let's try something else, maybe they are not bad people.
There is another file called -ú+ÚÁ¸-È.EXE in the INSTALL directory. That's it, silly me, let's give it a try: it produces a nice interface filled with probably lawful chinese options. Now, that's VERY BAD PEOPLE.  

5. Wait dumbo, give them a chance, read the README.TEXT. Ok, it works, IF you are Chinese.

6. Any *#@#%^.HLP, if you don't know what it means, learn Martianese. 
By Great Pluto,
Thank you.


Hi. I think I have the solution. At least to me it has worked. Once installed, connect the board to the PC (to me it has worked with USB 3.0). Windows driver is then run and goes running.

Hey, did you find any solution to that problem?I'm having the same issue and I've tried all sorts of stuff including entering safe mode, and deleting all the driver files for the CH340 chip and re-installing them again.

still gives the same bloody message. "The drive is successfully Pre-installed in advance"

Absolutely nothing seems to work.

WTF is this CH340's problem anyway??

I was having the same problem tried everything, installed, reinstalled, reinstalled the reinstall all with no love. The issue turned out to be that I was trying to use a USB 3.0 port. Moved it over to a 2.0 port on the back of my box and it worked fine.


2 years ago

I grieve for your obvious loss, by lashing out.

Which was worse the cost or the waiting ?

You make very clear lists for a strongly emotional mind.

Relationships will be just as trying. I beg you to consider incorporating a positive aspect to each item as a training stratagem to ready your soul for what could be a sudden unexpected assention !

It just mean that this can happen if you buy the cheapest available electronics.
There is a reason why people have quality issues with china ware..

Useless comment, I guess you buy jaguar aka ford. I'll buy a few fords for the price, if one fails I have spares. Stay downunder.

Why do you say "useless comment"??
A lot of people have problems not just with fake brand name ware from china but also with electronics.
The problem with the fake Arduino clones is well known by now in the community and people simply avoid buying cheap china clones in favour of quality products.

If a comment was useless than your own as there is neither a connection to Jaycar nor Ford ;)
And a simply Google search gives plenty of results - not only aout why the clones are crap but also how to properly install the right drivers for them.
Funny though that lately Instructables is doing the job for Google ;)