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ive been tryin to make a throwable sticky taser type thing ive gotten close but i havnt got it yet i need advise? Answered

ive had the idea from a movie but instead they used led lights im just trying to figure out how to get it to stick and shock severly


Always remember the wise words " if you throw your weapon at the enemy be aware they are at liberty to throw it back and they may be better than you are"

Um... I don't get it. In what sense might my enemy be "better" than I? Do you mean better aim? Better timing?

I thought the whole point of the HHOA was to blow Thine enemies to tiny bits.  Those enemies necessarily being naughty in Thy sight.  This is basic stuff,  all in the Book of Armaments, Chapter 2:

If thou countest only One before the HHOA be thrown, woe upon thee, as the boom (as it were) may be lower'd upon thy own head rather than thine enemy's.

Yes, better aim, better timing -- and having thrown it, you have now both established yourself as a legitimate target and given up the opportunity to use it in the future.

Shooting, or throwing things, at people tends to result in them returning fire, directly or indirectly. It also risks them being seriously injured and the law coming down on you like a ton of bricks. Do you REALLY want to get yourself in this much trouble?


6 years ago

You may want to consider this, where I live, using such a device would be considered criminal assault. It may be different where you live but I reckon the authorities would frown on its usage nonetheless.

I don't think it's going to work. Getting enough power into a small device is going to be tough. Getting it into a device which will reliably adhere AND get two contacts close enough to skin (without wasting the charge in sparks elsewhere) is going to be tough. Being able to throw it such that it doesn't just bounce off, or hit clothing, or otherwise be useless, is going to be tough.

And then there's the question of how to throw it without getting shocked yourself.

Great plot device for a superhero or spy movie. Not likely to work In Real Life.

"LED Throwies", on the other hand, are a real thing; there are several Instructables describing how to make 'em.

There are a couple of articles about on using an old disposable camera flash as a taser. Alternatively, a relay set up as an oscilator connected to the LV side of a small transformer will work, though will be even more dangerous.

I wouldn't advise actually using this, seeing as a standard taser is reasonably dangerous, and with a thrown taser you have no control over stopping it, as well as being harder to get an accurate hit.

Good luck with the project.