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jacobs ladder help Answered

i'm making a Jacobs ladder. i got the transformer but it doesn't have a plug. what should i do. i was thinking about splicing a extension cord and using it for the plug but i'm not sure if it would work. please respond.


If you're this unsure about the power cable, are you sure that a Jacob's Ladder is the project for you?

i second that though. as such, i will help, you, but you must read the following article, and agree to its clauses: 1) i acknowledge that a jacobs ladder is a dangerous project. i could easily electrocute and kill myself. i am aware of the risks. i waive any and all liability for personal or property damages. 2) i WILL encase the ladder in plexiglass, to prevent accidental contact with people/objects 3) i WILL use it in a well ventilated area to protect myself from ozone poisoning 4) i wont try to make a plasma globe with the transformer 5) if i do shock myself, i will visit the hospital for electrical shock treatment (a lot of people die of heart failure shortly after surviving the initial shock 6) i will listen to the wise advice of tech-king now then: you probably could splice on an extension cord.

i didnt know the j. ladder emits ozone

Basically, anything that sparks in oxygen creates ozone. The ozone is probably the least of our concerns though...

. Yep. I'm with TK and KM - this is not a project for you. Get some more experience before stepping up to high voltage. . If you do decide to go ahead, make sure there is a second person on-site who knows CPR (and knows to kill the power before grabbing you). A pretty good idea, even if one knows what one is doing with high voltage.

yes. better yet, have the helper holding and emergency off switch.

WHAT!!! okay, you definitly did not do enoughy reserch on high voltages. dare i ask where the transformer came from? (if its from a microwave, dont use it) i really dont think you are ready for high voltage projects

its a transformer from a neon sign heavy col

how many ma? if its more than 20, you arent ready for this project in my opinion