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jessyratfink interviewed by Jezebel for the Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project Answered

This one is little old, but it's still awesome, and I love it, when Instructables members get at least some of the recognition they deserve.

Jezebel has quite a glowing interview with jessyratfink for the fame of her Barbie Doll Electric Chair Science Fair Project! here at:
Our "Barbie Electric Chair" Is A Bust; We Interview The Inventor.

I love how the comments filled up with stories of the other ridiculous things people did to their Barbies.


Bump! I nearly missed this.

It's okay, sir. I missed it too. I just noticed my name was a keyword in one of the other forum topics, and when I clicked it this came up. :P

I love it! I actually got to see it in person when I was at instructables. I'd still like to do something with a Bratz doll. Billy can't have taken the only good idea. :P

Sure enough. They would make good pin / needle cushions, with proper placement of puncture wounds they would make good temporary nail holders while building another project, etc. ;-)

Now that I think of it, that would make the "other" carpenters do a double take LOL

*Pokes the entire UK*

*Bumpus breaks fingernails on White Cliffs of Dover*

And not a bluebird in sight...

That would definitely break my fingernails!

That's very good - I've never heard of him before.

Me neither :D I just like the song!

Where did you find it?

Not really sure. Just browsing I guess...

You could try this site, It works really well if you have Itunes, b/c it will list what you recently have listened to:


Then It lists some other artists that are similar to one you like, suggesting similar ones.

Oh look !!! Someone removed the phone from the jack.....no reprieves from the Governor LOL

Its an awesome Instructable that deserves awesome recognition. Same with many other projects on this site! It was a good read! Congrats Jessy!

It was a good read!

A good read?? This is comparable to the 4th-of-July, here.

The comments remind me of things I used to do to my barbies... My friend's dad had this fire pit thing that you could move around and he hadn't used it yet and it wan in the garage. It also had a lid to it. So my friend and I had her barbies have a cage match.

I had no idea this was posted on here! Weeeeee! I really need to save that page. It'll go into my hall of fame. :D

Hehe, I loved that when it came out :P