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jewelry box fittings Answered

I am making my daughter a wooden jewelry box and want to spiff it up with brass fittings - corners, edges, etc. I can't find a supplier. All local stores have cabinet fittings ( drawer pulls, hinges, etc.). Any suggestions? If I bought thin brass sheets would I need special tools to make my own fittings? i want nice sharp 90 degree angles and curved edges.


Any good quality hardware store (and by that, I don't mean Home Depot) should have small brass fittings. Failing that, a local hobby or model-building store will have them.

If you type "brass corner" into Google, that should get you started with about 72 million results (in 0.13 seconds).

"We are a good quality hardware store, it just so happens you won't find anything you need or in stock. Thanks.   from the guys in orange aprons with someone else's name written on it in magic marker."

I was thinking you might find them where you get jewelery findings, but they may be a bit small.
Have you done a google search with terms like brass box corners? I just did a quick search and got a few results.

I've gotten them before at a local hobby lobby and Michael's. Not sure how widespread the are, but it might be a place to start. Best o' luck!