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kill knex guns Answered

how do i kill knex gun$  this is my first gun with a block trigger how do i get rid of it



7 years ago

Do you mean you want to delete it. If you go to your instructable click edit and when your in the edit window there should be a delete instructable button (I believe it should work the same for slideshows). However if it was entered into a contest you can't delete it.

no i mean destroy it wi out making my self sad

You already killed it with bad spelling and grammar. Get happy with improved vocabulary.

im tiping on mi ipod anfd i cant b boverd to spel properl yy becoz i cant be boverd 2 fleamp

I beleive I've translated everything except for that last word "fleamp". What does that mean?

I think he means he subscribed to you because of the comment you posted.

Wait...based on key proximity and approximate letter count in the unknown word, I posit that it is a case of fumble fingers, and can be rendered "check".

. It certainly fits grammatically and makes sense. By George, I think you've got it!

Same. No known match for "flemp", it appears to be part of a local dialect...

I guess your case of noobishness can't be cured if no one can figure out what you are saying. Carry on with your block triggers.

.  Hold up!
.  OK. I've got my popcorn and soda. Carry on.

hey you see this 4 under mine this means in massive cheif grrrr

. No habla whatever-it-is-you're-speaking.

It's OK, I speak fluent noob. :P

He said "Hey, you see this "4" beneath my avatar? This means I am a massive Chief. Grrrrrr." (In response to KentsOkay's comment, "Hey, buddy, see that 71 under his name? That means, 'Me big chief, been 'round long time'"

. Ah.
. Was it aimed at me or KO? If me, what evoked his fit.

A bit hard to say (the cultural norms are confusing here), but my best guess is it was meant as a reply to KO. It'd be too subtle aimed at you.

Daw, I havent had a reply in ages. Guess I should get on teh forumz more often.

Hey, buddy, see that 71 under his name? That means, "Me big chief, been 'round long time".

. ROFLMAO. This ought to be a lot of fun.

Yarly cuz it wat shee sed, u best listn to lith0rz cuz she likes her banhammer and n00b killin