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killer knex gun Answered

it it actually possable to kill with a knex gun (this is not and excuse to actually try it- shoot something thats already dead (like a piece of meat))



oh, soz :S I just thought that because there was no exclamation mark that you were being mean. SORRY!!!!!!!! :S

was that a hint of sarcasm i detect?

How about we take apart an old camera and put it in our knex gun somewhere. Then we tie two needles to some thin wire--Tazer gun.

probaly not, unless you had a gun like the DD-27 or Gorkem's sniper and use a sharpened rod that was dipped in poison

well obviously...guns like that can break skin easily and as soon as it does the poisen would get into the blood stream easily. I doubt one could by itself pierce through an entire body or at least enough to reach vital organs. Although it is scary to think about it...I mean a terrorist could figure out how to pack up parts of his gun and bring it on an airplane just to put it together...

i've just realised - i've been browsing on instructables for over a year :P

Meh probably not but depending from where it was shot you could possibly survive it...I'd sooner just make a real gun out of glass and plastic that you can take apart if I wanted to take over a plane...lol not that I would.

ow..... I dented my cymbal with one, and crushed an altoids tin, (luckily the cymbal was easyly fixable without much work)

wouldn't even need to, just the power of it slamming into your temple, your dead. they can dent steel.

i don't even have any gun powder.

i am talking about a muzzle loading gun, if the gun had a hopper or mag then the explosion would escape through the holes.

no, i don't have any metal making skills. lets hope someone else does it.

Take a simple block trigger gun, where the barrel is shorter than the ram, so the ram pokes out, hold against victims temple and voila! you are now a murderer!
and knex would be banned

not rly. block trigger guns are weak.. unless you are talking about killerk's knex pistol. that is awesome

umm, no they are not, I broke a glass bottle with my simple gun, but killerks does NOT work, as the ram is shorter than the barrel, and it wont poke out.

well if you put gun powder in a ram gun with a sharpened rod

yeah. that is why i will never become a replicator. replicators have a tough job. they have to make the gun look like the real thing and also make it perform good

it isnt about looks................the fact that it is angled makes me think that it is not accurate i dont care about looks either, just that it has a true trigger and it has at least 20 feet of range

wait..........didnt this guy post a modded version of your ammo for the heavy cannon? it had a knife on it

it has better range than the SR-v1 but in an angled fashion. also, it doesnt look accurate

OMG! that thing is beast! Have you ever ahh hit any thing that it killed and went right through(like say a squirl... or an elephant!!) looks cool though.

Sure. I cant see Eric being to chuffed with that...

buy some ballistics gel, and shoot a sharpened rod out of the DD-27.

No, A real, Full sized, A-bomb.