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killerk Answered

finally! a group that doesn;t allow killerks block triggers. no effense killerk but your WAY to popular!!!!!!


... way late dont you think? His rep is dead now due to broken promises.

welll exccccccccccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssse me!

You are annoying. Live with it, but away from others.

what? did you say something? 'cause all i heard was "you are ruh ruhruh ruhrah hahhah

hey thats mean i said that back when i was a noob

Oh, good one. That post really assures me that you are intelligent. Viccie's contest is now officially all that is keeping me on 'ibles.

No, I was planning on going to KI when the website goes pro anyway.

yah i like KI alot better but i wont more people to join so there are more guns and i also want you to be able to rate stuff but it is still awesome

thank you but i know that now i appreciate u responding tho ps ive always wondered this: why did you choose that username

he is actually very responsible in my opinion.

why the ( picture ) did you post this thread?


It's a joke on a select few will understand ... i don't think there are many here on instructables since we don't really build stuff by ourselves. It will also unlock the key to the little game going on my orange board.


9 years ago

MEPAIN FTW!!!!111!!!!one!!!eleven!!!1!11!!!

Do you mean this one?
That's been going a long time now, what's with the "finally!"?


I'm not a knex fan, but I have noticed that killerk hasn't been around for ages! Be happy chopsticks, and be better than him.