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knex assault rifle Answered

This is my new assault rifle. I made two different types of magazines for it, a 12 round detacheble mag for white rods, and a 20 round detacheble mag for green rods. Should i make an instructable or not?


hey killer6, nice rifle but its a bit inaccurate and the non fake barrel thingy is a bit wonky...... ish, but overall the gun is great , except the mag keeps jamming when the 'bullet'is in the chamber the mag stops moving the ammo upwards and jams, how does u fix it overall raying for me is awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like it, liked it, turned it into a sniper rifle, and loved it

that looks like my gun

what makes you want to so badly revive a semi old topic about a gun that has already been posted?

you going to post soon? its been 2 weeks

i think im going to publish it tomorrow, i only need to add some pictures. I was very busy with school so i didnt had the time to finish the instructable.

well, just try, cuz i hav been waiting for like forever

done. i just need to make the mags.

i have like half of the gun done! yay!.

hmm. i might just work on making it form the pic. i thing i could make at least the out side of it.more pics would help but thats ok. i think i can manage.

are you almost done yet?

yes, i almost finished making the instructable and i also have some mods like an underbarrel grenade launcher, bipod, and different mags.

are you almost done?

good job post. and do you mind if i use your green rod mag?

post! when are you going to post?

I think in a few weeks, i just started with making the instructable.

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Post IT!


10 years ago

Looks pretty good. True trigger, not messy, removable mags, and a good range. ( refering to your comment on Mr Tenacious ) There's one thing though, is that handle strong enough to allow you to pull the pin back while holding it? Because there's nothing more annoying then having to grip the gun all weird just to pull the pin back.

yes, you can just pull back the firing pin when you hold the handle. I've seen guns where the handle falls of when you pull back the firing pin, but this gun doesn't have that kind of problems.

Yes it looks very nice! Is it true trigger?

Looks good, whats the range on it.

when i shoot the bullet straight forward, it shoots about 20 meters(60 feet).

What if you shoot it sideways?

you can shoot is under an angle of 45 degrees :P


10 years ago

looks really good! post now or else!

Sweet post it!!