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knex assault rifle/sniper rifle with low peices and true trigger? (already know about MSR-5)? Answered

any rifle with low peices? please help!


build a gun that is mine, https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-gun-108/
the instructions are coming

How about the OSNJCKMA2? The pump gives it a great firerate, and with my new mods, reliability, comfort, and firepower is increased. This gives it a fine balance between range, firerate, and size. Perfect for a knex assault rifle.

there probably wont be a best answer for a little while cuz i lost most of my knex so it will take a while and there might not be one anyways

they can now have more than a couple peices becuz i got sum knex off of ebay but i still need to keep the black y-clips at a max of 5

thanx for all your answers

just build a Trv1, it uses few pieces and gets great range.

world war 2 sniper rifle it has a fairly low part count an insane range and a true trigger. The design is pretty rugged. the only downside to this gun is that there is no trigger guard so you have to be a bit careful when you get ready to fire it.

chopstx:  the instructions to MSR-5 were good enough to use and i think 30 ft is great for what ive built lately.

DJ Radio:  i think ill build v3 because of the amount of black y clips.

Logic boy: ill check it out and get back to you.

sorry for late reply i was in hospital cause of athsma attack.

thanks for all your answers and try to keep them coming.

My gun gets about 50 feet with two rubberbands. 30 feet was with 1. Any way, If you want to, I posted semi instructions(slideshow with a lot of pics) for it.

AR-4 v2. If you can, build v3, it gets better ranges.

I will soon post an assault rifle that will shoot at least 30 feet. I know its not that much but........................... The MSR-5 seems to be a good gun, but the instructions are relatively unclear. Hope this helps!!!!