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knex coaster "Iron Eye" Answered

Iron eye pictures.

1.this is a brake.
2.this is what will hold the rubber bands back and I can shoot the car when ever I want.
Its a seer system!


ok now you can see the latest pictures


in all ur vids u say special thanks to god?!?!?!? what the hell!

dude this is awsome!!! how many pieces are in that?!? (just wondering)

Oh my god its a death trap! :o

yeah because knex coasters are much smaller they excelerate and slow down a lot faster than real life and if you got shrunken down you would die riding it. I cant wait to duct tape a fly to it LOL

have fun with your sick and twisted schemes to force flies to ride roller coasters.

super glue burn away there exoskeliton and then it fuses to the cart

well, when you burn away the exoskeleton, it will die, and what is thefun of making a dead fly ride a rollercoaster?


10 years ago

omg>.< gj dude

posted some of my guns today, ill be posting more later on.

Looks like Stealth, but also contains elements of Colossus, especially the half loop... But you are mostly all American, so in your terms I refer to perhaps Kingda Ka, or maybe even Top Thrill Dragster. As for Colossus, I know of no equivalent. Everyone shout 'YAY!' for the world's first 10 times looping rollercoaster!

its my own custom coaster ,I haven't ever heard of colossus ,but there is this huge knex coaster named colossus 28 ft. tall. so do you think it looks good so far?

Yes, it looks awesome! Colossus is a rollercoaster in Thorpe Park, England.

oh ok yeah never been to England lol ,the farthest i have been out of my country was Niagara falls

Yay, mom, I want to go on the rollercoaster! look at that guy on it!

*head rolls along the floor*

lol. I got it working a lot better now it dosn't need such a huge boost and the tower doesn't shake at all nor dose the side winder.

hey im geting some great new pictures right now! they will be ready at 9:30 p.m.

yeah I decided to do that so it wouldn't look like I still am planing.

Ok, don't worry about it, I'm easily confused! Apparently I'm intelligent too...

Saw it on youtube, its awesome, wanna ride, but it looks like a short ride

Yep, about a minute. Look at stealth though. Rarely less than 2 hours of queues and it's a 15 second ride.

how much estamated knex do you have?

hmm. ok. i have 12000. i take it that you dont have any thing else made right now do you?

I still have two hills of blue streak up but I counted those. now that I think about it I think I have more like 9,860 or so pieces.

yay for you! if you have extra decapitated gray connectors use them in stead of the ball sockets for the mag walls.

ok, i will take that in to account. is the handle comfortable? it looks cool but uncomfortable.