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construction pictures of blue streak knex. Answered

welcome to Cedar point check out the construction pictures of the new blue streak.

The roller coaster still needs some work but is mainly finished.


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It's finely finished! It still needs some touch ups before I get a video.

if you view it post a comment tell me whatch ya think.



10 years ago

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The Blue Streak from Cedar Point, Ohio? I remember riding that. On the big hill, I almost got flung out because my belt thingy wasn't down low enough. Lol! It's my favorite ride.

omg same here. My seat belt actually came undone, and at that time i was small, so the bar wasnt tight enough on me, whil going down i like shot up and held on for dear life,

Yeah Cedar Point Ohio. the same thing happened to me. my seat belt was stuck underneath me and I didn't know there was all this slack ,I was closet to the back too lol.


10 years ago

i have only one quistion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH F****N KNEX DO YOU HAVE I THAUGHT I HAD A LOT BUT WOW YOU GOT LIKE 50,000 PIECES

some where around 9,000. stop with the stupid swearing wave you ever seen me swear?

No i ahev f***ing not you f***ing clean-mouthed person

not very funny. this is funny :) get ready here... ok why did the chicken cross the road? give up!!!? to spill his guts!!! :D ROFL ok I was just joking that was dumb too ,but whatever. its funnier than the original any way

HAQHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH That is kind of funny wehen you think about it hehe... Amazing coaster anyway.

around that I have roughly I ave got to have at least 15 thousand it takes almost 30 big sets to get 30K

I've got like, this gigantic tub of k'nex. it's like a small swimming pool. and agreed, I don't think any swearing is necessary.

Overall the coaster seems nice, but clean up your knex (i too like it not organized when building) just to make the coaster look better.

that's probably the awesomest thing ever. 5/5.


10 years ago

wow, good job...

thanks check out my other coaster. this one is demolished.

its on my home page its called Iron Eye :P dumb name.

ok good I'm going to post the latest pictures now. I havent up dated for a long time lol.

oh, I couldn't find it though:( but I'm posting my stuff today:D maybe not all..

dude where were you I sent you some messages on the wii and you never replied ,what ever ,but do you want to play this weak end?

okay. i don't think that i have enough track or green connectors. i only have total from the screaming serpent and the storm mountain rollercoasters. is that enough? either way, my friend celloman and i can maybe pool our peices and try to build it. can you please post? thanks, N-Striker

here if your interested in knex coasters go here and make an account. if you buy another screaming serpent or two that would be great. go to the gallery and look through some of the interesting pictures that gives you a lot of ideas (thats what I did).

nice. ceder point is sweet.

me to! i am also making a knex coster, but i am using the new orange track with micro knex.

no i like it a lot. the only problem i have it that the micro knex peaces do not connect to the track very well. i fixed that by tapeing them on.

i just finished the basic design of the rollercoster. it works really well. the track never comes off the peaces even though i did not use tape. it also has a corkscrew on it. i will take a pic when i have time.

it wasent that hard. i have a simple method for createing anything out of knex. step 1: make the most inportant part(in this it was the chain lift) step 2: just make somthing simple so that you can see if it works now you have a basic verson of what ever you are building now all you have to do is mod it a lot and you have a cool what ever your making.

this is the final verson.
i might post on instructables if i find time. most people here dont have the mini knex so they would not be able to build it any way.