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knex guns Answered

can anyone make a knex m16 or a auto uzi.


I'm going to make a M-16.

Have no idea what that is

i made two uzi like weapons...but not full auto all though they do load in the handle and a new round will self load everytime you cock it...its just hard with what i have to make anything automatc

yeah sure which one though? I have a bigger one and a smaller one. the smaller one is like a pistol about the size of the killerk pistol (diferent proportions though obviously) and the larger one is about as big as his magnum id rather do the smaller one as it would be easier (also seeing that i havn't done an insturctable yet)

ok sure but i'll have to get it up tomarrow...i would today but i just got sick with a really bad stomachache. sorry for the inconvinience but if i happen to get better at the last minute i might throw together a quick instructable and make it better the next day

ok hey sorry i havnt gotten it on...i tried to make an instructable but seeing that it was so rushed it wasnt good enough and i just didnt have the patience to fufil their requirements so if you happen to still want instructions i can give you a link to another site where i posted it

oh hey and i forgot to mention i might be coming up with a diferent gun thats full auto...iv made a tompson looking rubber band gun based off of...whos semi auto rubber band launch mech. was thats? anyways iv noticed it kind of looks like a big uzi so if i get it done i might mod it and post it.

sorry i was sick longer than i thought...wasnt your every day stomachache but food poisening. any ways let me get the instructable done. iv got a lot of homework (well not enough to take up all my time but i also want time to relax) i also cant find my good camera so forgive me but ill update it this weekend when i have time. I'll also try adding a mod that will allow semi auto...or if not hopefully someone else will

i could. what i would do is put a mini gatling unit in a model of and uzi, all mde out of knex. WOAH! just had a brainstorm! how about a true semi with shells. ill explain. its a gun that uses the gatling round as a shell. take the usual gatling round. Yes? now put it in a clip. get it? put clip on specially desined gun that presses gatling rounds trigger, pull bolt back, shell spits out, fire again.

i will try, but i might not have enough bits. do you get the concept?

a trigger(fake) pulls a block trigger that is on the gatling round(shell)

Iv had an idea of how to use part of your concept with part of mine...you could make a mini gatling fireing pin as in pretty much the guns with out the barrel then leave the self loading to the handle design iv got and each each round on the gatling gun part will fire another bit.