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knex iron man helmet v2 Answered

i just finished making my second version of an iron man helmet its got a flip up mask and a lot slimmer look

instructions coming soon


nice. maby you could make an actual mask to put over it

when is the instructions coming

nice work are you posting instructions up so that ppl can make it or do u know when you will be posting them at all thanx :)

are you going to post are what

please please please post im begging you

Looking at pic 2 and 5, I'd say this was a Halo helmet. Make a Halo helmet!

EPIC! I would build it but I only have 3 hinges... I just bought 50 on ebay though.

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awesome! i think your first version looked better but the flip up mask is a neat feature.

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7 years ago

thats sick!