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knex m4 carbine Answered

here is my m4 carbaine every knexer has ever made a m4 carbine but i don't so here is my m4 and now i'm a noob anymore wahahahah myself i really like it and maby i gona post this


Maybe a little big for an M4, but it's just right for a 417.


whats up with the mag?

he is a little big
because i wanted a yellow rod mag      

i think its ugly to big mag i think it shoot yellow rods it has a low range i think

Did you build? because if you didnt, then you cant judge on the range or power and in the opinion of everybody exept you who posted a comment on this page, this is one of the best looking knex M4 replica EVER!!! You probably just dont like the look of M4s

make the stock a leeeeetle beeeet taller at the end

that mag is wayyyyyyy over the top

i known but i'll want a yellow rod mag so why it is so big

blue is probably better because the real M4 is 5.56, so its closer to the real size

POST THAT THANG! and no, not every knexer made an m4 carbine (myself included) or has to.

ima gonnaz mEke anz m4a1 os dats itz haz enz detactchabler carrering handlez

I dont plan on posting a replica anytime soon. but I do have an idea for one.

cool I'm thinking about moding my current gun into a m4a1..

kool, im trying a uzi for my first attempt. It should look almost like one when im through.

lol, that project was cancelled. All it is was s0lekill3r's skp with a stock

Mine will have the realistic stock, and the proper handle (detachable clip)

try using zak's handle and mod his handle that maight work out

he had a line in his name back then but it caused confusion

the mag is too big i think, other than that almost perfect!

the gun looks great but I think the stock it a bit small

i known but in the instructable i will post also a bleu size mag

mag is a bit big!!!!

I never considered you a noob before the m4 carbine, I considered you better than me when I first saw you.

haha i'm making the photos right now it is post end this jear or begin next jear

the stock looks pretty out of scale

Why can't we just give up on M4s? This is pretty close in its own ways but far in others. The barrel is getting closer. Already went through but yeah the magazine is rather large. That's more like an automatic 50 cal.

this looks wrong


9 years ago

Sexy body

Spelling correction - VERY Sexy body.

like the stock to:)

haaha you understand me i will change it

There are a few other nice looking ones, but this certainly is one of the best looking one!

if you nightfox963's i will beat you face to china and your feet to pluto


9 years ago