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knex revolver Answered

this is my knex revolver, should i post instuctable?


post instructions it looks easy and cool


11 years ago

Do deconstruction guns actually work good?

I've never had any K'NEX gun fire more than ten feet.

mine never seem to go into cardbord it is the small block trigers that work for me.

are u serios?! Many people including me ave guns that can shoot over 100

i made a great revolver go to my page and look at it it shoots 40 feet

keep working

No, I put tons on too. There's always too much friction in the barrel against the firing pin. The K'NEX slide gun works good though, because there's almost no friction at all because of the short barrel.

if your pieces are old, the barrel might be crooked on the inside. that happened to my friend. you'll need to buy new pieces.

did you know different sets of knex have slightly different sized pieces because of the different moulds?

They're old, but not crooked. They just bend under the stressed of the cocked gun, no matter how much I brace it.

trainman build mine it fires 20-25 feet for me

sammyb try building it it fires about 20-25 feet


11 years ago

looks alright but not s good as mine

thats where i got the idea, and mepains revolver

well. im gonna have to say its not a gun but an addon to the pico powerd knex gun.

what did i spell wrong and i used punctuation, but sorry im not going to a be precise with grammar but better than most. also it does shot well. what do you mean deconstruction gun


11 years ago

Not unless you put on some major upgrades. It just looks like a deconstruction gun. And not if you don't start using punctuation and learn to spell.

no keep workin it

well i pretty much finished it, i like the look and how it works to mod it in any way you like, also why not?(i just would like to know)