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knex rifle with real trigger system Answered

i have finely done it! behold the knex rifle! it is the first gun to use my new trigger system. the system consistes of a cog wheel, trigger and a hammer. the hammer and the trigger progressly move the cog wheel witch relases the rubberbands and fires the round. you cock the gun by pulling the hammer back. the gun is very strong and can shoot through carboard form 10 feet away. it has a grip and a popout baneut and the trigger for it is right by the grip. has a good handle and a light trigger pull. also the sides of the gun holds 6 of my deer slugs.instructions are being made.


Wow, your giving this guy alot of flak....

Dude, If you're going to bring up a 2 year old post, at least have something useful to say...



10 years ago

how can it go through carboard if they're rubber bands

I just found a pistol made out of knex on google, not on instructables, ehich had exactly the same mechanism as this. Strange.

yea, i found that out down there if you read on. my hammer is some what different .

Im sure ive seen a knex trigger with hammer thing somewhere before

its not on istructables. i checked. and checked again.(the mec is so simple but so effective to)

i never knew that instructables was not the only place with knex guns. that doesent count.

actully there is a pic of that gun on instructibles and has been for a while XD

Lol. The pic was my avatar for the group i made. K.U.T lol.

really?!!? well was it in a instructable? also the mecs arnt completly the same.

i hope you like it!