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knex uzi with stock Answered

well there are two uzis out there that are pretty good but most uzis that i have seen have this wierd pointed stock but nobody make the stock so here is this new uzi with true trigger removable clip and the stock. SO COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO POST IT!!


POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actuall not wimpy wimpy wimpy its hefty hefty hefty! it is very powerfull if you load it with a blue rod and also powerful with the whites but weakest but not to weak with the ammo it is supposed to shoot

yes it isnt my best, my best is a barret 50 cal with removable mag 200ft+ but i ust got another camera today so... its gone

I doubt very highly it went 200 ft. 200ft is around a full sized football pitch

as in a slnigshot mec (srv1,m2 carbine,m1 carbine,crossbows,slingshots,and some others)

not to be mean or anything but i think mine is better

Good one. Your gun is completely copied from other people. Not one part of it is original.

are you two talking about his gun or my gun and did you meen my gun is copied?

It helps to speak english, that way I can understand what your trying to say, so please translate.

im not back i just respond to the messages that go to my email and i might ask a few questions in the forums

How? This at least has a removable magazine. I haven't seen either of them perform but so far this one seems to be looking to be the better one but that's just my opinion.

his mag on this one will fall off if he wanted a removable mag he should have made a handle that the mag is put into so....

yes the hande is the mag lol i ctried for days to make a mechanism for the mag to go in the handle

Well, other Uzis may have had strange stocks, but they (or at least TD's) looks like it would stand up to a 2' drop.

*sigh* I can do much better than this, and it will look more like a uzi than yours, that I can guarantee....

i doubt that because all your guns suck in looks verrryyy badly

You two drop it now. There is no reason (besides Ra hurling an insult) to fight.

lol ive been checking my emails laughing at him cuase im not even fighting back but he keeps going! lawl!

Well, I never intended my comment to be an insult, just wanted him to anticipate my uzi....

Lol then you could have said "Hey I'm making an uzi too. It might be better than yours." or something.

I meant in looking like a uzi. not in performance or anything. I think my uzi would get the closest to this pic:


they werent based off any real gun. thats why....

Dude seriously drop the attitude. Yes it may be true but that doesn't mean you have to point it out. That whole post was pointless.

why dont you try the handle from the SKP on KI, it looks more like a uzi than yours. also, Try to make a better stock, then post it if it shoots far!

if it has good range and wont explode in my hand or jam a lot, then post