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knex vulcan mini gat Answered

ok this will be the best thing out of knex,but i need some help.I have an idea for the gear box and twisting pivoting stand,but thats about it i want it to be like a real one with a mag 4-8 barrels that cock themselfs using a rail system so if you have any ideas(especialy knex masters like mepain mykhailo or killerk or any other person)please post soon i think i have an idea for a way to make it have only one mag wat will happen is at the end of the mag there will be a ledge that holds them in place then when the barrel comes around it can grab it with a special tooth attachment and then gravity will pull it down into the barrel(no idea on how to build yet) pic 1 real thing pic 2-3 gear box


:-( it doesnt look scary like the real thing

i have th vulcan nerf gun. its frickin AWESOME!!!every time i fight with it, i win.

well my friend told me that it fails i've never shot one myself so ya

maybe he got a defective one? it could be because if its low on batteries you only get one dart a second and the range is suckish if its low on batteries.

Here's what I have come up with, it isn't based off of that gun but I just thought I should put it here. It has a compact 18 barrel system.

Photo 64.jpg

That's really compact, looks good and sounds effective - you should post it.

hmm. how is it a 18 shot. any way. i can also see that the front barrals are fake. the real barrels are in the back. so not really anything new.

The barrel design is new, and its not like I'm trying to trick you that the big barrel in the front is fake.

oh ya by the way i built your new gun from the pics u uploaded on photobucket

Really? How do you like it? All of my new stuff is posted on Knex Innovation now.

o i see. and them the barrels in the back shoot in to the barrels in the front.

They spin fast and they give it the look of a minigun.

ok. so the barrels in the front are not needed. that good because i dont have the peaces right now.

your just going to have to wait for bakenbitz to post it because i am fresh out of peaces for now. when i gun my guns posted i might be able to help you.

Eventually I will, but on KI.


10 years ago

I got an idea for a true gat but....

you have piqued my interest...please elaborate on this idea...

He won't for a few months, then it would probably only be to a few people. Then a few months later he will officially release it unless it kills itself like some other projects... then a few weeks after that he will put instructions on KI, then he will release it on instructables a month later. No amount of begging will speed up the project, I have seen it before....

I see another top secret project coming on.......

I have no ideas. There is not much that can be done with just a gear box. The "Gear Box" looks a little flimsy, and you don't really need it, you could just have the rod coming from the motor.

im working on the barrels but my lack of pieces at the moment is worsening the speed of production i should have a pic of the barrels on the 23rd ive sturdyed up the gear box quite a bit pic out same day as barrels and i like the gear box because it gives it a look of realness that i like and i was inquiring on if u had any ideas about the mag idea i have i want it to shoot green rods for i have plenty of those and only a few tan clips another thing is that my barrels are only yellow rod lengths long(because of my lack of snowflakes and half moons)

ok i have one idea for the barrel although this isnt the greatest. I believe its how a lot of miniguns work though. My first idea is to usea chain that is hooked up to the barrels. Only problem this isnt too original but I'm pretty sure it would work fine if built right though. I'm still working on other ideas.

i'm not well known but I am on my way to becoming a knex master. I could probably think some things up but I dislike working with knex miniguns and anything with a motor but I might drop by everyonce in awhile if you guys are stuck somewhere or need a quick idea.

ok I'll help but i cant build anything myself. I can only give you suggestions. First off ditch the mechansim first. Instead of building outward try getting a barrel first. You can always figure out how to modify it later to add things if you really need to. Once you have it as you want you can figure out a good way to add a mechanism and adding the final pieces

looks awsome.

Those gears wont stay together under much pressure. When it becomes hard to turn, they wont mesh together and will just clash together.

re-build it.