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knexables? Answered

what is this knexables thing? i see it everywhere! is it another how to site but only for knex? help me understand? thanx, chopstx



Best Answer 9 years ago

It is an attempt at making an ible only for knex, but like KI, they made it all wrong. :(

an ible site, or just one ible on instructables?

A site, I meant to say ibles.

Hey, you think you're so damn good, why don't you make a site? I'm sure it'll be amazing since it was made by you, due to the fact everything you make the community aboslutely loves, no matter what.

Boo-hoo...Sniff... Wait, when did he say he thought he was good?

And both of those sites are basically the same as the forums...

Not really, alot more knexers go there.

I know that. I meant the format of them is like a forum.

So? That doesn't mean they were made "wrong".

Knexables was supposed to be the same as ibles. I was in on the planning, well at the start.

Yeah, guess wut, I was one of the first to even know about the idea of the site, so :P! Lol, but seriously, it wasn't supposed to be the same, it was mean't to be a KI for those that are more "suited" to a more mature version of 'ibles, and a less strict version of KI (not that KI has problems, but 'ibles certainly does.)

So? I knew about the site before they even wanted a name for it... Can we stop arguing now?

Well, at least some my things involve other things than GUNS.

Never said they weren't, there's nothing wrong with non gun projects.

Yeah...... But there is something wrong with guns...

No. I mean that there is something wrong with only posting guns. Sorry, but that must have been confusing... Because they are fun?

Lol like I don't read. Wow I'm sorry that I didn't add every single thing I was planning on doing right from the start. I guess I can't update. I want to be honest here. Being on instructables...it's noobish. We've been welcomed here by some but we've been nothing but a nuisance. We're like rude house guests. We need to move somewhere else. Knexables is another site basically as another option for those who don't like KI but agree that depending on Instructables isn't the best. We have many things we have yet to add so don't keep the same opinion on it always.

i'm gonna stick with instructables. check this out>


what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? its a knife!!!

although i guess you could have mistaken it for a turtle.......

your grabber is pretty good too. i've never seen a knex one before!!! NEVER!!!!!!!

Why thank you! I was inspired to build it because no one else had, and I wanted one. I like your knife because The shape of the blade looks great, and it functions properly.

You're welcome. Yes, I did build it, silly! Thatnk you! Not to brag, but I posted a combination lock that I think you might want to check out. If you understand the mechanism enough, maybe togethor we could build a rotary lock! That would be fun, and earn us a good reputation. How does that sound?

random comment:

watch the cloak on youtube im making a knex axe of capitolism