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knexsayer review *UPDATE* Answered

ksayer! power:?/10 range:?/10 strengh:9/10 knex used:1/10(it uses a ton of knex) braking points:thanks to my mods it works theonly part that breaks now is the pump arm the pics dont show the mod parts list: rods green:336 white:162 blue:22 yellow:24 red:7 gray:6 black:7 yellow/orange:1 connectors dark gray:82 orange:22 lt gray:41 red:55 green:46 yellow:172 white:29 blue:6 tan clip:16 black/blue hinge:6 (toghther) blue clip:1 other y clip:13 small black tires:6 ball socket:8 ball joint:1 blue spacer:43 gray spacer:7 small gray tire:11


try to take better pics

exactly how good is this gun? ive seen the video and all that and i really want to build it-i dont hav enough pieces tho-just wonderin if its worth taking apart my other guns

would would say yes but one thing use ever single balck rod you have in to this gun and on the pin guide there is a blue spacer remove it and replace it with a gray spacer then you can add more then 2 rbs on it

i have only 1 black rod can i make it??

MAYBE.  Use the black rods on the pin, pin guide, and turret.

Black rods?  I have 2 but I ordered 6 more from knex.com.

have you built the knexsayer with two black rods????

yes you can BUT it well be very week and wont shoot as far just wait till you got tons of them and use 0 grays all blacks the more blacks the better

it's not really that small is it?

oh... ok. thats makes alot more sense than u shrinking it with a shrink ray that a man in a huge black coat sold u at the black market so u could rule the world! (lol)

also, u don't always have to use flash.

At this point, I think he hates KI more than I do.

no i look on and have bulit stuff from ki i hate how i get banned for spelling so whats the point of having a account

Thought I would point out that it is in our board rules. You only get banned on the 3rd warning.

It seems like you edited the rules after he joined.

whats up with your pic?

RazzleDazzle beat me to it.

I was gonna ask you. K-sayer is one of the best guns I have ever made. You just said it sucks, no reason or anything. Pretty darned hilarious.

"i fixed it" can mean a lot of things... Anyway, if the gun is working right, may as well remove the forum saying that its rubbish, no?

I bet he forgot to remove all the statements that say "knexsayer sux", he did say that a lot.

Did you even build it right?

you must have built wrong i have got a ksayer and thats got about 4 - 5 34s /35s on it and mine works well and can get 40 + foot

yes and no with my mod it works but its not gettin the range like you said and my hand sart to hurt because i cut my finger and i have to pump it werid

nope i followed his inscrustions excatly th only thing diff is that i used tans and black more

So you replaced the red rods with tan rods, and the gray rods with black rods? It should have increased performance, you musta built it wrong.