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laptop running slow. 32 bit or 64 bit? Answered

hi all.

i have 2 Acer aspire ones, 1 has win 7 64bit (mine) the other has win 7 32bit (mothers).
the specs are almost identical.
Mine has 2GB ram & AMD Dual Core C60 processor.
Mothers has 1GB ram & Intel N570

will upgrading her windows to 64bit give any tangible speed increase.



4 years ago

Besides going to more RAM the newest best thing to do to increase speed is to get an SSD drive. Older systems can't take advantage of their full speed but will still see marked improvement and as a bonus you get increased battery life and reduced temperature since it has no moving parts. They are now reasonable in price and usually on sale. (just saw a 240 Gig for $120.00)

No. Almost certainly not. The benefit of 64 bit comes with more available memory. A 32 bit system is limited to 2^32 bits = 4GB, with 64bit, there is no limit any more (for the next years).

As long a all the programs run under 32bit, there is no need to switch to 64bit. The programs will not run faster (technically, they will run a non-noticeable bit slower).

To make the thing run faster, you should install more ram (at least 2GB in total, better 3 or 4 - not more than 4 as 32bit can't use more!). Maybe it could help to move the operating system to a SSD. Anyway, the Atom N570 is not a race horse and will stay the bottleneck.

you want speed increase then upgrade the ram

If it were my computer I would be upgrading the RAM, and if it is slow on the internet try installing "disconnect me" on your web browser, it stops all the adds and bots sucking up your bandwidth that you are paying for.

Doh... just remembered you need at lest 2 gig of ram to get the most from a 64 bit install


4 years ago

From what I have learned, running 64 bit is probably what most things run best on these days so they will run faster and the graphics will be better and clearer.

If it were my computer and I had the money, I would definitely run 64 bit because it is more powerful.