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latest instructable not showing Answered

I don't see my last instructable anywhere except under my instructables where it is showing as published.

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mikeasaurus (author)2013-01-22

As Jayefuu has requested, we can't help you unless you give us the link.

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liquidhandwash (author)2013-01-19

I found it in your "you" page but i cant find it anywhere else so look like a problem or a filters caught it.

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Jayefuu (author)2013-01-19

What is the name of the Instructable? What is the link to it? When did you publish it?

Instructables has automatic filters to stop spam and offensive materials. Sometimes innocent Instructables get caught in these and have to be released by a member of staff. If this is the case it may take a little while for it to be released. While this can be annoying sometimes, I'm sure you'll agree it's far better than the alternative.... a site flooded with spam.

In the meantime, you can still give your project link out to friends and family to see and it will become public for people to see once it's been approved.


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