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lawn tractor how to repair or replace diaphragm? ? Answered

craftsman lawn tractor model # 917272075 with 17  hp  kohler engine
When trying to start engine instead of turning over it kicks back and sometimes backfires.

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cerberustugowar (author)2017-09-20

Sounds like a timing/ignition issue. Did you check the flywheel key? sparkplug? ignition coil air gap?

If you're still looking to work on the carburator, you should be able to get a rebuild kit from a dealer or they can order the parts if it doesn't come in a kit.

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grayhairguy (author)2017-09-18

Power lawn equipment can get hard to start when they are not started for months as the fuel gets sticky. Ethanol fuel can degrade rubber parts. If you are sure it is the carburetor and have the skills, get a repair kit for the carburetor from a mower repair shop. Diaphragms are not usually repairable. Clean all the tiny, little parts with carburetor cleaner. Wear protective gloves. Work outdoors and away from any fire source.

Or, just take it to the mower shop for repair.

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iceng (author)2017-09-18

How did you determine the Diaphragm was the cause ?

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