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lawnmower headlights? Answered

i have an older snapper like this and need to know if anybody has an idea how to hook headlights to it? thanks in advance.


I bought a trapezoid rectangular light and toggle switch. I went just below the steering bars and drilled a hole through the upright frame for mounting the lamp. I had to drill a small hole for the hotwire as well. I grounded to the cup holder.

I added the toggle switch to a new hole just above the throttle control. I snaked the hotwire through the tubular frame, using the opening for the clutch/brake cable in the front and out the back, connected to a fuse holder connected to the positive terminal on the battery.

Works like a charm! Perhaps I need to publish an Instructable on this....

Below is a couple of links to pics. 



tried clicking on your links. nothing came up. thanks for the idea

You could also go the headlamp route, and have the light on your forehead rather than the mower. I have a couple of very bright battery powered LED lamps, one on a headband (REI) and the other built into the bill of a cap (Nike).

ive got an old light i found that has a strap to it. i have not tried that. great ideas

You could always get a headlight for a bike and mount it with some zip-ties or hose clamps. That would be cheap and easy.

One easy solution would be to buy an off the shelf rechargeable spotlight and build a mount to secure it to the front of the mower. You can get cheap ones at Harbor Freight that should be adequate for lawnmover headlights. You could use two of them, depending on how much light you need.

The mowere pictured does not appear to have electric start, so it wouldn't have its own battery to use to power a spotlight, so I would go with one of the handheld ones that contains its own rechargeable battery.

Make the moutn souch that the light can easily be removed for recharging or for normal use (if you have any need of a spotlight otherwise)

the one i have is both electric and pull start. didnt think about about the rechargeable spotlights, thanks for the idea.

Use a couple of high brightness LED torches and save all the bother of wiring.

Hey, if its dark I DON'T cut grass!

im talking about when im already cutting grass and it starts getting dark so i can try to see what i got left.