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why does instructables have to change the layout for the worse every time i get used to the old one? this most rescent one is horrible! it just might make me quit the site.

***edit***  i didnt realize how whiny this sounded until after i posted it. i dont like that there is a drop-down for the different channels in the catergories. and the tape around the pictures in the instructables are annoying. the main screen doesnt fit onto my internet window any more, i have to use a scrollbar at the bottom to see it all


Honestly I haven't liked a new layout since 2009. My /you page stopped working alltogether in 2011 (it won't load regardless of what computer/internet connection I have), and it all seems needlessly complex now.

With the new layout, I noticed that all the thumbnail images for Instructables have changed and are no longer a square. Whether a square was preferred over a rectangle or not, I intentionally modified ALL of my main images so that they would not be cut off as a thumbnail. Now that the layout has changed and thumbnails are no longer square, ALL of my images are cut off in height to fit the width of the rectangle.

So, what I would like to know from staff.... Is this change to a rectangular thumbnail a PERMANENT change? Do I have any options available to me? or do I have to now edit ALL of my main images to fit with the new layout?

It may not seem like a huge problem to some people, but I did spend the time on all of my Instructables to conform to the previous layout, and now I'm unimpressed with how some of the thumbnails images look.

I've given the new layout a try, and I have to say, there are issues.  
1. The bigger photos are not useful. Yes, the phot is bigger, lots bigger, but the photos don't always provide enough, or any, information. The topic of some instructables can't be captured in a photo.
2. The actual title is in a font that is too small for the image and so is hard to scan. Not hard to read, once you look directly at it, it's readable. But it is a small strip of print between two big photos.

Take those two together, and it's very hard to quickly scan an entry and figure out what it is.

3. The bigger pictures take up too much screen real estate, so you can't get as many entries in your field of view / scan pattern. I like to explore Instructables once a week, doing a high level scan to see what's there. On my monitor now, I get about six and three halves entries per screen, whereas before I could get probably 12 or 18.

Take all these things together, and it's difficult to pull up Explore and scan a wide range of new entries. I guess one solution, without having to rebuild the scree design, would be to have a button that would let you turn off pictures, and just give you a list of titles.

It seems that the star rating system still exists in the forums but had disappeared from the instructables. Will the stars be coming back?

We don't think so. Eric outlines their reason for the changes here:

I understand why the star system has gone the way of the dodo ... But I i have to agree with ElvenChild .. we need an "I think this is awesome button" in addition to the "favorite" button.

I don't know about other people, but I use the favorite feature to mark IBLES that I;
1) have completed
2) plan on attempting to recreate in whole or in part
3) want to share with people I know

There are alot of IBLES on the site that I do not have interest in trying to duplicate (don't want to add to my favorite list), but they are well put together and informative and I would still like to give the author kudos for a job well done.

just my 2 cents on the subject.

i like the favorite system more than the star system.

I have hated a ton of the changes in recent times, but shockingly, I sort of like some of the latest adjustments. Although the site definitely has an "unfinished" vibe now to me.

Of course, this is based on approximately 3 minutes of use, so I may change my mind. :P


5 years ago

Quote "input --> response --> output". You must learn how to respond to change...

Tplim Do you mean respond or accept?
What you have been reading IS a response & there are many more of them in other areas of the forums.
Over the years I have noticed there are basically three types of feedback to changes on Instructables.
The minority by a very wide margin are those who complain about everything simply because they don't like change even if occasionally it is for the better.
Those who point out the bugs / pitfalls / utter disasters of certain changes that have caught their attention, these tend to be the majority.
Finally there are those that accept all changes without question & will argue in favour of them in the face of all logic because in their opinion "Instructables is awesome" therefore "everything the staff of Instructables do is awesome" meaning that "all the changes are awesome & anyone who says they are not is just a crank"
I think that the majority of responses I have read are quite understandable, some of the changes not good visually or in functionality & some which were intended to improve things have actually made them worse this being a prime example.
So what would you have people do? accept changes blindly even if they are of detriment to the functionality & usability of the site? or would you have them give their feedback & point out anything that they feel has failed?

I think tplim was just criticising Dr. Who for his total lack of constructive criticism. As in... "it sucks".... doesn't help anyone.

Hi @Jayefuu i am not criticising Dr who. when there is a changed it resulting a pro and/or a con (means good or bad). We have to learn to adjust it. One day we will be able get to use.

So what you are saying is that your response is to adjust, which in essence means accept changes without question & get used to it regardless of any negative impact in may have on the site or it's functionality / usability.
If a change or lack thereof is making the site less functional then the best way to fix it is to let people know what you think, there have been a few changes made on the site that were less than successful & thanks to the feedback given by members the problems were addressed & fixed, I also believe there have been changes made as a result of member feedback, it is the efforts of the membership that makes the site successful as much as those of the staff & the concerns of that membership should never be ignored.

If it is really a problems than we have to feedback to get it repaired. But before we do so we have to raised question to verify with other member's do they face the same issue. Example: at first I thought for non pro member https://www.instructables.com/community/Halo-5/. thinking of leaving this site. Once happened I had delete my earlier question ask than submit new question

And I was pointing out that what Dr, Who said was a response, not a terribly constructive one I'll grant you more a venting of frustration but a response nonetheless.
It seems clear to me from tplim's further comments that his idea of responding is to accept any changes "We have to learn to adjust it." which while it is far easier & would make for a quieter life for those who are in charge of updates would in fact be less constructive than members feedback to those changes or even the odd rant of frustration in the face of what seems at least to Dr, Who like constant change for the sake of it.

@Nostalgic, see my reply I use @ to address who do I spoke to:
1. to you - @Nostalgic, I means respond and
2. to Jayefuu - Hi @Jayefuu i am not critic....

If you're giving feedback, could you be more specific?

Is there something in particular that is wrong, or are you just complaining that it has changed?

i dont like that there is a drop-down for the different channels in the catergories. and the tape around the pictures in the instructables are annoying. the main screen doesnt fit onto my internet window any more, i have to use a scrollbar at the bottom to see it all. i dont know if this is the right place for feedback, i havent really used the community before.

the main screen doesnt fit onto my internet window any more, i have to use a scrollbar at the bottom to see it all.

Oh, good point! I didn't notice it earlier, but apparently my laptop's resolution of 1024 x 768 is now too exotic or obsolete for Instructables.
What's that you say? Netbooks and mobile devices? Nah, no one uses those... right?

i have that same resolution.

Fits fine on my netbook screen, 1024x600 resolution, fits fine on my iPod screen, in whatever resolution that is.

There is a feedback section, under "help".

I think change is ok .Its just getting used to it like everything else in life that changes . The one thing i wish that could happen before changes like this happen .Maybe posting about it first to get some ideas from all the authors who post instructables . I know from my stand point i dont mind the changes except they took away the stats on individual instructables. I liked going to each one and see how many visitors visited each instructable whether it was every day or once a week. I mean it was something to come on the site and look at to see how you were doing .
Now it just seems limited to what you can do when you pop on the site ..
I was also wondering about you used to be able to see every ones view count .. That was also fun to see how you were doing compared to everyone's views to see how far you moved up the ladder ..

You're right. The site should always stay the same. In fact, everything on the internet should always stay the same. I happen to miss the animated gif "EMAIL ME!" buttons and sparkly backgrounds of the Geocities era, too.

I think there must be some bugs in the latest rollout (and the site was down for a while this morning, probably trying to fix them). It's pretty clear that there are a bunch of chunks missing from either the page-generating code on the server side, or from the CSS style sheets.