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lcd screen from a digital camera to a mini tv Answered

I'm trying to wire a LCD screen from a digital camera to a mini TV set. any ideas? it is 1.75 inches by 2 and a quarter. is there a way to hook this up to a hdmi cable or a RCA. if i can hook this up to a DVD player i don't have to worry about sound cause i have headphones. i have all the soldering stuff and i know how to use it except I'm kind of stumped on this one. any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I want to do almost the same thiing. But instead of taking apart a real tv, if you want just dvd's, you can dismantle the camera lens, and keep the lcd screen and memory card slot, and download videos to a memory card, and do that.

It's almost an impossibility since you need the driver electronics from the digital camera and maybe the software.

You need some way to interface the screen with the tv.  There are no direct wiring possibilities.

what if i wire the screen to a rca plug and the screen has its own power cord? i got the entire camera down do mini parts right now. do you know of any good ideas or tags to look up on google?

here ive found something like what im trying to acomplish here. but the bord isnt layed out flat for me to see the whole thing. it looks like this doesnt need drivers or anyhing but it has power  rca on/off switch and more. this is what im looking to build if any one can show me or show me a website that has the specs on it. :)


THat screen and board was purposed from the beginning to be fed by an RCA connector.  The problem with what you want to do is how to get the screen you have to accept input from an RCA connection.

Look up composite video, then RGB to get started.  there are other formats.

You have to know what format you are working with before you can figure out what you have to do to make it work.