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lead weights? Answered

can I use silicone molds for molting lead

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Paige RussellBest Answer (author)2017-06-26

Hi Micheal,

Lead has a melting temperature of 621.5º F / 327.5º C which is too hot for the silicones that I'm familiar with. Smooth-On makes a product called Mold Max 60 that will withstand up to 560°F / 294°C which would work for tin and pewter, but not lead I'm afraid.

Sorry I don't have better news for you!


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MichealM20 (author)Paige Russell2017-06-27

Thank you Paige I thought so and I will keep on making molds from melting aluminium cans they can withstand the high temperatures ,but like your class and will continue to log in for more


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Fedayeen (author)MichealM202018-05-17

Hi Michael, the usual trick metal casters use is the cast what's called a negative (usually wax) where we fill a mould with wax and then when you cast your high temperature materials (like molten metal) it will burn the wax away and the metal with cool in the void it creates. Just look into the process call "Lost-wax casting"

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