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learning to make paracord bracelets need help please Answered

I am to making these and It really intrested me. I have a special needs child and I would like to make a couple of them with charms on them. But I can't find them any where. Like the small silver plated ones. They don't cost that much. its for awareness. microcephaly, and one that says proud mother to a special needs child. I bought one and both of my kids want one and they are telling me what kind but I need help making them too.


Thanks I will look at the video. Do you know anyone with charms

Watch through StormDranes vids. The guy does a great job teaching. If you need supplies, I can refer you to the folks I use, but there's many out there.
Best of luck, and above all, just have fun with it!

Storms vids: https://www.instructables.com/member/Stormdrane/