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I am interested in furthering my skills as a jewelry maker in all mediums. I'm not sure where to start . I have been making jewelry since Etsy was on You Tube. I am 55 years of age and not sure online courses or on campus classes are right for me. I belong to several jewelry/ craft groups and receive videos and PDF's and such from them. What would you all suggest? I live in Clemson, SC and would not mind doing an apprenticeship. My e-mail is: terri4God@gmail.com By phone: 864-633-6695 or you can text me. Thank you so much! Terri Lynch

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mikeasaurus (author)2013-01-22

Hi there!

I work at Instructables and have unpublished this posting. It is not advised to give so much personal information on a public forum. Your request for help is fine, but I suggest removing your email and telephone number to prevent anyone from taking advantage and spamming you.

If anyone can help you then they will leave their comments and you will get notified when a comment is left. How you choose to connect with those people after is up to you and can be done confidentially through our Personal Messaging system.

Please leave me a reply here when you've edited this topic and I'll remove my comment and publish this topic.

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