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lego guns Answered

dude we REALLY need more lego guns on this group. only one of 100 is lego!


you can find great stuff at


I'm making my own pistol that is going o be all my mechanism (might not look the best) and it will be fully auto

i'm working on a gun, it is going to be spring powered, has shells that eject, i'm trying to make it look like a desert eagle.

sorry having trouble but i built a double barrel pistol

I have lego guns: paper wasplego guns, rubberband lego guns and brick shooting guns(probably needs to be modifyde


8 years ago

ill make a lego gun as soon asi find my backpack

i have 7 instructables, all of which are for lego guns, ill post them

Lego gunning is harder than knex gunning because of the fact that lego is very diverse. And the studs on top of bricks make it very hard. I would suck at this if i tried.

i'll try to find some too. we need all the help we can get.