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libby's potted meat food product? Answered

Here is the ingrediants list:
mechanically separated chicken,pork skin,partially defatted beef fatty tissue(???),partially defatted pork fatty tissue,vinigar,salt,spices,sugar,flavorings(more specific please??),sodium erythorbate,sodium nitrate eew!
they sell this as f00d!? why is this stuff legal?
the number on the can is18007275777 it says to call 10 am to seven pm monday through friday eeww


what do you think is in bologna?

Call that number and ask them personally,  You want to speak with Quality Assurance.

also on that can is a little bitty USDA shield, with a tiny establishment number either printed in the shield or somewhere on the can (it will start off with EST.#, or EST P#, the p means pork.) that little guy means the US department of agriculture has inspected that plant and has determined that its sanitary and safe to process meat.

ALL Meat products have to have that little label on it to be sold as meat in the great US of A.   (Canada has their own label too, as well as most other countries)


Has anyone else heard the phrase "Arse-holes ear-holes, eye-holes" applied to dubious meat-products?


why is there an L at the end of every comment you post? Maybe it is just my computer, probably not.

I believe it's his signature. It would be equivalent to me signing my post like this...


.  No, but I've heard "Everything but the [oink|moo|squeal]"

Yes I've heard that. And on the subject of "rare" - "Don't stop chewing 'till the meat stops moo-ing"


In the UK / EU, "mechanically recovered" chicken, pork etc cannot legally be referred to as "meat" - the extreme pressures used to squeeze the bones through the mesh actually rupture the cellular structure, and it doesn't even resemble animal flesh, even when raw.

There are videos of the process on YouTube, but I'd rather not link to them..

>barf emoticon<

Did you see the program on beeb three about it the other week?

Oh, the one where he pushes the legal definition of "food" to the limit, and winds up Gordon Ramsey?


really?  Hmmm,  I suppose you'd not like to sample some old time local favorites then?   

Pork puddins ....(Pork “pudding” is made from the odd bits of the pig and contains no grain products  which differentiates it from the more commonly known “scapple.” The ingredients from a selection from the South Mountain Creamery, are listed as “unskinned pork jowls, pork, boneless pig feet, pork skins, pork liver, pork heart, pork kidneys, salt, pepper.”)

and Scrapple (also pork).

It will be licenced by the FDA I assume, they sell it because peeps buy it.

Now part of ConAgra, not the same as the other Libby's, who are still producing Um Bongo (watch it)


i bet half they're sales are people wondering what the heck partially defatted beef fatty tissue is!! lol

As caitlin's says, a bit of sauce and you've got a cheap-feed. A lot of people don't ask, or don't care.


ya i was just jkin i wonder what the factory looks like..............

It's what you get when something seeps - look up seep in a dictionary (online or otherwise)


A little hot sauce makes it go down easier.

If you do open the can, you will find fatty solids congealed in various stages and suspended/floating about in whatever brine/broth it comes in.  Kinda like the plaque you would find on human arterial walls if one had injested a lifetime of cholesterol-rich and fatty foods.  What's not to like?

well that sounds appetizing........,,i knew this thread would get a bunch of comments,,

Same with SPAM.  While it seems disgusting and nasty, nothing is better than a potted meat product on a camping trip.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Pork with Ham, Salt, Water, Modified Potato Starch, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite.

Far superior to other potted meats.

I know what a starch is!  (heheheh)  But why would you put it in a meat product?

Meat and potatoes.  A balanced meal, if only by chemical analysis.

sorry for lack of punctuation i was stuck with my wii internet (who here has tried typing on that) i would love to hear what happens if 1 of u called them up!!!!


8 years ago

I did a scavenger hunt once and made one of the clues "partially defatted pork fatty tissue" and had taped the next clue under the shelf above the Libby potted meat product.  This was just a valentine's day thing i did for my significant other - but she couldn't believe i put a clue in the grocery store like that.

"Potted meat *food product*" They need to convince you it's food


8 years ago

Haha, I have a book to recommend to you. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair.

Disgusting book recommendation sir.