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lighter fuel and heating element Answered

so heres my problem ( wishing again somebody will come whit a solution )

Im tryying to ignite a little cotton tissu sqaure , which have lighter fuel on it, whit a NiChrome wire....
All what i got its some smoke but no flames .... (the smoke stops when i turn off the NiChrome wire)

So do someone have a idea to light up a cotton tissu pad (whit lighter fuel on it) whitout using the flink tingy



PS 1 : this is what i wanna do (ecxept not in a wallet)


. Try more current through the Nichrome wire. This will produce a higher temp that may cause ignition. You may have to step up to a larger gage wire if it burns out at the higher current.

sounds like it starts to smoke, and then is not getting enough O2 to actually flame up.

I'll bet a small amount of an oxidizer would help.

The smoke could be driving out the oxygen.

Let me guess, the wire is in the cotton? If so, the wire has to be near but not touching the cotton. The vapor is what will ignite, not the liquid.

Ousp didnt tink about that XD gonna try it thx :P


10 years ago

well ya I was pretty sure that it will light up but i only have smoke.... And yes my wire get really red and hot (i even try it whit to lithium battery (3v each) which get the Nichrome to his melting point :P and i get nothing)

hmm, have you tried black cotton? i remeber when i tried to burn somthing with a magnifying glass, and i could not burn white paper because it reflected too much light.