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live in the Philippines, where power outages occur.I need my nebulizer to be working. Answered

would a compressed air cylinder work to power the nebulizer unit?


If it's mains powered, my first thought was a computer UPS (uninterruptible power supply) but they appear to be prohibitively expensive where you are. 
Another option would be to use a camping type mains inverter and have a charged car battery available to run it - some run directly off the power adaptor in the car.  (The inverter converts the 12V car battery to mains voltage.)  You would need to check the power rating (watts) of the nebulizer and make sure the inverter rating is higher than this.

Since A. seems to have identified the "power source", then yes, a compressed air cylinder would work. You need to be breathing really clean air from the bottle, so I would suggest a diving tank would be the best bet, and get it filled at a dive shop, where they have to use clean sources. You will have to arrange a low pressure regulator to suit it.


Use an aluminum tank avoid the steel kind. A

Never liked steel scuba tanks. They rust near ocean and humidity.
I use a nebulizer ( a small 1.6 amp AC glopita glopita machine ) at home.
The little electric automotive tire inflators would also do the job.
The only time I nebulized from a compressed air tank was a doctors office.


the nebuliser manufacturer is OMRON, NE-C28, 220 volt supply

Still looks like an airtank, and good quality regulator and you shoyuld be OK.


Robin, we need more information on the nebulizer you're using to work out exactly what your requirements are.
Is there a manufacturer / model number on it?
How often do you use it and for how long?

I use the nebuliser 3 times a day for my COPD. It takes about 5 minutes to exhaust the medicine

The Omron NE-C28 is a mains powered unit, taking 1.5A.  In that case the computer UPS or battery / inverter I mentioned below would be your best option. 


7 years ago

Nebulizers are not used 24/7 but only for duration of therapy.
Power for the low gas pressure can be electric, battery,
compressed air cylinder and even a pedal wheel.


Dunno the operating principle of your nebuliser. The ones I've seen here nebulise using a low power ultrasonic transducer, which needs an electrical power supply.