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lliard balls Answered

hello creative guys, I need help. I want my old ugly looking aramith billiard balls to look like new. How do you do that? any creative suggestions?


If the discoloration is within the resin (internal) it would be next to impossible to fix this.

i wouldnt do anything that adds/subtracts from the surface. mighnt screw it up lol i dont know what to tell you

Maybe polish them with a bowling ball polisher?

I know nothing about billiard balls other then how to get em in the pocket. But in considering it I would assume they are painted and shelaqued or clear coated or something. Couldn't you take a fine sandpaper and sand them well.....then re-clear coat them? I would guess making sure they are done with no lumps or bubbles... so you'd want to dip them somehow rather then paint it on.