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looking for a special type of screw with an hole at the bottom for a pin to lock the screw. Answered

what is the name for that screw? and where can i get it?

i what to lock the screw that it won't turn. 



Best Answer 7 years ago

Look for a "safety screw" or bolt. Used a lot in race cars, planes. Anywhere you want to lock it. I make my own usually.

thank you all for the kind answers! :)

I've made these before by drilling a hole in the bolt or screw.

check IKEA they have crazy unusual hardware like this all the time.

And some of the weirdest chairs...

i know right they are kinda cool though

bolts like that take a castellated nut, which has grooves in the top, so you can put a pin through the hole in the bolt and the in lies in a groove on the top of the nut...I've seen them on suspension parts in cars -- near the wheel hub at the end of the axle -- you have to take them off if you are changing an axle or the CV joint between the axle and the transmission.



7 years ago

Used in aircraft to be safety wired.
Keeps critical structural members from vibrating out and falling off in the air :-)
See an aircraft mechanic supply.


I haven't seen those before. I'm used to retaining screws having an azimuthal groove in which you put a locking ring. However, some searching of McMaster-Carr eventually got me to try "threaded clevis", which may be what you're seeking. Good luck!