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looking for a specific k'nex model from years ago!! Answered

im looking for instructions on a k'nex jeep/truck that i used to make when i was a kid. about ten years ago or so. It was in a book of possible creations that came with the kit. but i cant find anything for it online. please help!! the truck looked like a an army jeep maybe? its been awhile




7 years ago

is it the trail runner set? with the gears on the side of the wheel with the metalic peices and panels? I could post that booklet

If it was from the gray play set case then it was the dump truck or cement mixer truck. If it was from the red set case then it was the ambulance, land rover, or rally car.

does the jeep steer?  if so i think i have it

I searched knex.com to search for your item, i was unable to find it, try searching it on Google Images, i wasn't able to find it, but that doesn't mean it isn't there