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looking for blueprint or schdmatic for Christmas light display with music to control the lights? Answered

I have looked on you tube for christmas light displays with music and want to build one with 30 to 35 plugs for the lights with music. I don't have $800. to $ 3,000. to buy from a store. Would like to put together this summer and put in the local paper for people to see and collect canned food for the local food bank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill

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MisterHankie (author)2009-10-15

mayber u could put a wire on the speaker so that it moves with thespeaker and touchs another wire to act like a switch. i did somethinglike this with a speaker and batteries once to see if i could make thespeaker make noise and it worked

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mnphysicist (author)2009-02-06

The guys at computer christmas are very helpful, and its very low cost, very diy oriented.

Also planet Christmas, which is a mix of commercial and DIY

And DIY Christmas

All have very helpful and highly talented people, sometimes they even do group buys of components to keep the prices down.

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