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looking to hook up pvc pipe to intex pool pump? Answered

having problems with water leaks from a intex pool pump.would like to go to an all pfc pipe system ,rather then those weak hoses.Fitting seem to be the problem.Would love to hear from those who have solved this problem.I have tried solving this problem by buying plumbing parts but does not work very well.Thanks


Depending on the size of outlet and PVC you could try a rubber sleeve that attaches with hose clamps. I did this very thing with the drain hose on my washer and PVC to move the water up to the level of the house drain ( about 6' above the washer drain). You should be able to find them in most hardware stores that carry plumbing supplies. In a pinch I've seen hose clamps and a short section of bike inner tube do this also.

i too was thinking of using an inner tube too as an emergency repair.Rubber sleeve seems workable.
thanks for answering

There are PVC pipe fittings that can screw directly to a garden hose connection. The threads are always a easy leak point. Which is why you need to use Teflon tape on the threads before screwing on a hose or pipe filling.

When connecting pipes you need to use the pipe glue and make sure it has good coverage so there are no leaks.

Thanks so much for writing.
I have not used teflon tape on threads.Will give that a try