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low voltage lighting problem Answered

SkidMark2, or anyone who can help,

I have a Portfolio 120 Watt Power Pack with 6 LED lights.  I don't know their wattage, but the power pack, lights and supply cord all came as a kit, so I'm sure they don't require more power than the pack can supply.  I'm NOT getting the E1 error message.  My problem is that the lights don't come on when turned on.  The power pack is set to "O" for switching on or off manually, but the house's light switch usually has to be flipped once or twice to get them to come on.  I've got both light sensors covered, so they should be sensing darkness and allow the lights to come on.  Any idea how to fix this so that turning the switch on once turns the lights on???

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Downunder35m (author)2017-02-02

Was it working before?
Is it charged?

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