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lower case to ALLCAPS Answered

Highlighting a phrase and clicking to bold is a nice feature.
But whatabout those sites that only allow allcaps for emphasis?

Is there a quick way to highlight a phrase sentence or paragraph, and click to change to allcaps?
That'd  be quicker than delete+retype.



Sorry, delete & re-type it is.

We tend to see ALLCAPS as shouting here, and quite impolite, so it isn't missed.

Yeah, if the entire post is allcaps, THAT is shouting. But I think of 1 or 2 words capitalized as just a highlighter. Sometimes useful in a long post.

IMO, it still reads as shouting, as if somebody has just blurted a word loudly in a normally-spoken sentence.

For emphasis that I would normally provide with a tone of voice, I use combinations of bold, italic and underlined, and, very rarely, strike through.

Yup, On sites that have bold italic, underline available, it's nice.
Some don't.

Even if the site has all those features, many times those features aren't seen by many of the readers. You can almost always turn them off in your account settings, they almost never show up in "mobile" browsing and there's always just random browsers that are "incompatible"...so, I tend to use quotations or selective caps for emphasis but, meh, it's not like most people take the time to read what we type anyway. Right? ")

Just testing to see if I can comment. I sent the answer directly to Dan. (Previously, I couldn't comment in community pages).

There are other forms of character based markup than ALL CAPITALS SHOUTING, most of which date from the days of Usenet and text-only e-mail. Pseudo-boldface is often represented by asterisks, *like this*. Italics or underlining are shown using the underscore character, _like this_. I've seen some people use tildes for italic, ~like this~, but that isn't as common (at least not in the U.S.).

The highlight-and-click is a "key capture" feature of JavaScript which must be implemented by the Web site; it's not guaranteed to work everywhere. If you're dealing with a site that doesn't use any of the common markup systems, they're unlikely to have backend stuff on their Web pages to do format editing like that.