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mA on high intensity LED? Answered

I bought a couple of red "Coast LED Lenser" LEDs from Frys (www.frys.com/product/4137893). They are in the standard 5mm package, but they give no forward voltage and the mA looks a bit high, being without a heatsink . If anyone can tell me if it looks correct and not a misprint, i would be very grateful, since coast doesn't have them on their website anymore. Oh yeah, while trying to light one I ran 8.5V@4.5A (PS2 adapter) accidentally (forgot the resistor) and it exploded loud pop instead of melting or burning out the junction like the 3mm LEDs from ebay, if that helps.

The specs.
  Intensity :                       10,000 mcd
15* (degrees)
  Operating Lifetime:     
Up to 100,000 Hours
  IF30:                               mA
100 mA
120 mW
                              -30* to +100* (degrees)

I'm guessing the forward voltage would be about 2.00V +/- .20V


620nm is in the 'amber/orange' range (headed toward red)

Red uses between 1.7-2.0 volts
Orange/amber uses 2.1 volts.

I'd stick around the 2-2.1 range for this one.

As I've said on many occasions, use a variable source to determine the forward voltage empirically.

It can be done using a variable voltage supply or using a variable resistor of sufficient wattage.

Looking at some similar LEDs on farnell.co.uk, forward currents varied from 20mA - 100mA, forward voltages varied from 1.85V - 2.1V.