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magnetic device left on shirt /ink leaked onto the garment. how do i get the ink out? Answered

Store magnetic device was left on. My husband being the impatient person he is tried to take it off. The ink leaked out onto the garment. How do I get the ink out. I can take the garment back with my reciept to get the device off but now left with the stain. What will take this ink out?



6 years ago

In keeping with what Rick said, its designed to ruin whatever garment it gets on. The idea is to keep people from shoplifting by destroying whatever they take so there is no point for them to take it. The best thing to do is take it back for an exchange. They are supposed to carefully check for those things before they leave the store so its really their fault. If they question why you didn't bring it back right away blame it on your kid, even if you don't have one. The only other alternative you might have is to dye it a dark color.

Thanks I have the receipt and I'll try that.

With the greatest difficulty that's what it is intended to do.

Anything you use that may remove the stain will likely remove the colour from the shirt.

If the shirt is white then bleach may help BUT you will not get rid of it all so it will always show.

On a positive note if it was the fault of the store that the tag was left on then return the shirt and get a replacement it's their fault they are supposed to remove it.